How to Trim the Cost of a Haircut in a Top London Salon.

We may live in the place of rich and famous. However, since many of us are consistent individuals bringing home standard individual salary. Spending a huge amount for a haircut, extension and colour is impossible to happen. Most of us have a constrained budget and sometimes it is difficult to afford hairdressing salons in London. Getting an affordable and decent haircut in London is not an easy task. Here is the list of some unmissable salons in London, which I think you need to visit without spending much on it.

But make your decision precisely. You should book pre-consultation before making any choice for going to a haircut as they have different stylist and price list. So choose the one which suits your style and pocket.

But are you still desperate for a good hairdresser for affordable haircuts? The good news is that you can have your hair cut at an affordable price even in expensive London! But how we can find one such barber or salon? You need to follow this simple process:

1. Get your hair cut by a Trainee:

You can get your haircut by the trainee who is attending the last year at the academy. This might take longer for a cut than normal – but it is good as it means they’ll be taking extra care and attention! But are you feared that your hair might be in danger? That is not going to happen as your trainee stylist will always be supervised by a senior hairdresser. But make sure that you explain them exactly what type of hair you need and what you want them to do on your hair? So stop worrying, keep your hard-earned money in your pocket, go and get that affordable haircut in London!

hair cut by a trainee

2. Sign up to free discount sites:

Groupon, City Treats, Living Social and Kelkoo all these sites offer discounts on hair and beauty services. You can check the regular offer and packages for different hair salons on these sites and avail the one which suits your need.

Sign up to free discount sites

3. Get your iPhone out:

Check the last minute deal on the platform like Kojii & Voucher cloud. I will suggest you go for Kojji as this gives you the last minute deals by the various vendors in London. You only need to download the app from the play store and you can search for salons by geographical distance closest and most convenient to you.

Get your iPhone out:


4. Search on the various listing website:
In today’s digital world where every business is online, it’s hard to find the useful one. In the process searching affordable barber, these listing websites play an important part of choosing the best barber which suits your need. These websites contain lists of the barber with their price, services or even review and rating. So it is easy for everyone to choose the best one. Few of them are for special communities like Black Barber Review (communities of the black barber). Few of them are general where all the businesses are listed. You can choose any form them.